The PPG Practice Award

The Manor Practice won the PPG Practice Award and this was presented on 18th February 2015 at the PPG Conference held at the Saffron Centre. The conference was well attended with approximately 100 in attendance (a mix of PPG members, Practice Staff, GP’s and Clinical Commissioning Group representatives.)

Gordon Barber, former chair of our PPG face to face group was one of the main facilitators and eloquently introduced all the speakers – well done Gordon!

There were presentations from The PPG Chairs Forum, Gavin Ralston the Chair of Birmingham CCG on Achieving Clinical Excellence, Healthwatch Birmingham on the forthcoming GP survey and from the pilot East Local Patient Network with their progress to date.

This was followed by a short Workshop and the Awards ceremony. Hot food was laid on for those who wished to delay their homeward journey to miss traffic.

I have to say this conference was very interesting with opportunities to network and hear of other practices’ experience with setting up of PPG’s and the level of interaction between practice and PPG. I would certainly recommend other PPG members and interested patients to take up the opportunity to attend next year’s event.

The Practice Award was awarded to The Manor Practice.

The criteria for The Practice Award was ‘Awarded to a practice that has demonstrated their commitment and support for their PPG measured by a level of achievement that has benefited their patients’

On behalf of the Practice I would like to thank all the PPG membership both face to face and virtual groups for their continued support and commitment  and the email dialogue of comments that assisted Gordon in his excellent Nomination submission. Our continued committed partnership has won us this award.