Chair’s report 27th June 2016

The Men’s Health Evening has been the main focus since the last meeting.

Some of the committee have very kindly volunteered their time to attend the Prostate Cancer UK information sessions at Ashfurlong and James Preston to talk to patients re the event and hand out fliers advertising it.  Some days I appreciate have been more successful than others, but if it changes just one persons life because of the information gained, it’s a job well done. So thank you Jackie, Margaret, Jo, Gordon and Chris for your help. Derek Price (Prostate Cancer UK) has been very happy with the support.

A great deal of effort has gone into the event and our thanks to Helen for advertising it in reception and in the waiting room, and to the reception staff for handing out as many fliers as they can. It has also been in the newsletter and I have sent an email via Carol to the ‘Virtual Group’ online asking for their support in telling people they know are patients about the event.

We have all done our very best and hopefully this will pay off on July 18th .

Virtual Group

Regards the ‘Virtual Group’ – for a while now I felt this was a large untapped source in terms of obviously the event, but also as an extension of us as a committee.  I spoke to Helen and Carol who agreed and so the following email was sent on 14th June –

Dear PPG Member

Thank you for your continued support to The Manor Practice as a ‘Virtual Member’ of the PPG. Your thoughts and opinions are important to the Practice in terms of how we as a committee  can be a ‘voice’ for patients and also how we can support the Practice team in communication with patients.

We appreciate it is not always easy to keep up with the countless events that life throws at us. However, hopefully you will continue to inform friends and relatives who know you to be patients, of the matters you feel are important to both you and them regarding the Manor Practice.

We are holding a Men’s Health Awareness evening for Prostate Cancer on Monday 18th July 2016 at Ashfurlong Medical Centre 6.30 -8pm and an email invitation was sent out to you yesterday regarding this event. It would be great if you could let family and friends who are patients here know about this.

Just one more point, The PPG needs a great deal more input from young people aged 18 plus on the ‘Virtual Group’ or to join the committee, please do not hesitate to contact The minutes of each meeting are placed on the website to view and circulated by email to the face to face group.

Thank you

I propose we continue from now on to send emails to the ‘Virtual Group’ to keep them in the loop and to hopefully increase numbers and indeed gain their views and opinions which can be brought to the committee via Helen.

PPG Booklet

Work has started on the PPG Leaflet.  As agreed at the last meeting Gordon, Jo and I met to discuss how we can go forward and a great deal was covered – a very productive meeting.  A meeting was also held last week – 20th June with Chris, Gordon and me attending.  This was again very productive as we fine honed what we had originally discussed. As you will see we have the first draft which we as committee can now look at and hopefully agree today. The next stage will be to produce 2 copies for both Ashfurlong and James Preston to be placed in the waiting areas for patients to look at.