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Covid Vaccines

Please do not contact the surgery regarding covid vaccines. The practice is following government specification for this vaccine group and will contact individual patients once an appointment and vaccine becomes available.

Covid 19 and The Manor Practice Team Statement

We are passionate about the well-being and care of our patients and in these unprecedented times of the pandemic, we are working hard to continue safe services for patients and staff.  We understand the stress, anxiety and frustrations of patients and all of the team are sensitive to the issues that are inevitability being raised. Since the start of the pandemic, we have had to close down many of our clinical areas, isolate staff including some who have had to work from home because of the vulnerability and most critically, operate a total triage system consulting by phone, an exchange of photographs or by video.  This is challenging and stressful for all staff as well as our patients. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were examples of GP surgeries having to close down and patients catching Covid 19 from attending.  We have indeed had staff with the disease with large numbers being quarantined only recently, but due to our strict systems, we have to date, maintained our services and avoided close down. We’ve heard reports of concerns that we are not seeing patients face to face and we would like to reassure you that we are seeing patients as dictated by clinical need.  We are aware that having remote telephone or video consultations can alter the patient experience but we have systems in place such as real time case problem sharing/discussions across the clinical team to enhance safe clinical decision making and we are seeing patients in the surgery when this is judged to be necessary We wish to assure everyone that we are working closely with NHS England, Public Health England and our local Clinical Commissioning Group and have had feedback that we are managing our team safely and appropriately The Manor Practice

For more information on why you may have to wait for your COVID-19 vaccine, please visit

NHS England and NHS Improvement – Midlands

Please note that people in the 50-64-year old age group will not be vaccinated until November and December, providing there is sufficient vaccine, and no appointments will be offered for this age group until then. This is to ensure that those who are most at risk are vaccinated first. If you are 50-64 and you are in one of the other groups which is eligible for the flu vaccination, for example you have a health condition which puts you at risk from the flu, you will be invited earlier.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

If you get regular or repeat prescriptions, you could save time by switching to electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD).

eRD sends your prescriptions electronically from your GP surgery to a pharmacy of your choice. It’s easy to use and you don’t need a computer or electronic device. Ask your GP or pharmacist to set it up for you.

eRD allows your GP to prescribe your regular medicines for up to a year. It’s reliable, secure and confidential. Your regular prescriptions are stored securely on the NHS database, so they’ll be ready at the pharmacy each time you need them.

Using eRD you can:

  • save time by avoiding unnecessary trips or calls to your GP every time you need to order a repeat prescription
  • order or cancel your repeat prescriptions online (if your GP practice offers this service)
  • pick up your repeat prescriptions directly from your pharmacy without having to visit your GP
  • spend less time waiting for your prescription in the pharmacy or GP practice
  • save paper – you won’t need a paper prescription to collect your medicine from the pharmacy

For more information about eRD and how it works, ask at your GP surgery or pharmacy, or visit the NHS website:


See a GP without leaving home. Thanks to OHP’s partnership with LIVI you can see an NHS GP by video, 5pm–10pm, weekdays and 8am–4pm weekends.

You can now see a GP by video. On evenings and weekends. The service is open to patients of all OHP GP practices. Just download the LIVI app on your mobile or tablet.

Don’t put your health on hold. See a GP by video, with LIVI, in partnership with OHP. LIVI’s video GPs are available between 5pm–10pm, weekdays and 8am–4pm weekends.

You don’t need to leave home to see a GP. OHP has partnered with LIVI to let our patients see a GP by video. See a registered NHS GP, evenings and weekends.

Don’t put off seeing a GP. Thanks to OHP’s partnership with LIVI, you can see an NHS GP by video on evenings and weekends. Just download the LIVI app on your mobile or tablet.

Patients of all OHP practices can now see a GP by video. Get medical advice, prescriptions and referrals – from wherever you are.

Swap the waiting room, for the living room. And see a GP by video with LIVI, thanks to our new partnership. The service is open to patients of all OHP GP practices.

For more information, please visit

Extended Access

From Friday 1st May 2020 the practice will be offering extended access appointments Mondays – Fridays 18:30-20:30 and Saturdays 08:00-16:00.

These appointments are being made available to patients who are registered with practices within our primary care network. (The Manor Practice at both James Preston & Ashfurlong, Ashfield Practice and Hawthorns Practice) during the current coronavirus appointments will be via a video consultation

If you are a patient at either The Manor Practice or Ashfield Practice and wish to register and get the LIVI app, please visit

If you are a patient of Hawthorns Practice please call the practice appointment line on 0121 373 2211 for further advice

The Manor Practice and Covid- 19

For the SAFETY of our patients and staff The Manor Practice at James Preston H.C. will be closed from MONDAY 30.03.2020 until further notice with all services provided from our Ashfurlong Site. If you need to call the practice your call will be automatically diverted. Telephone lines are diverted to our Ashfurlong Site. and then perhaps something about the reminder that they need to ring and not just turn up, and that repeat prescriptions will not be issued with more frequency.

The Practice apologises for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciates your cooperation and understanding during the challenging time.