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Covid 19 and The Manor Practice Team Statement

We are passionate about the well-being and care of our patients and in these unprecedented times of the pandemic, we are working hard to continue safe services for patients and staff.  We understand the stress, anxiety and frustrations of patients and all of the team are sensitive to the issues that are inevitability being raised. Since the start of the pandemic, we have had to close down many of our clinical areas, isolate staff including some who have had to work from home because of the vulnerability and most critically, operate a total triage system consulting by phone, an exchange of photographs or by video.  This is challenging and stressful for all staff as well as our patients. At the beginning of the pandemic, there were examples of GP surgeries having to close down and patients catching Covid 19 from attending.  We have indeed had staff with the disease with large numbers being quarantined only recently, but due to our strict systems, we have to date, maintained our services and avoided close down. We’ve heard reports of concerns that we are not seeing patients face to face and we would like to reassure you that we are seeing patients as dictated by clinical need.  We are aware that having remote telephone or video consultations can alter the patient experience but we have systems in place such as real time case problem sharing/discussions across the clinical team to enhance safe clinical decision making and we are seeing patients in the surgery when this is judged to be necessary We wish to assure everyone that we are working closely with NHS England, Public Health England and our local Clinical Commissioning Group and have had feedback that we are managing our team safely and appropriately The Manor Practice

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